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  1. Noodles & Company employee giving a take-out order to a guest through drive-thru window Franchise Insights

    Own a Franchise With an Uncommonly Good Culture

    At Noodles & Company, we pride ourselves on a fresh, unexpected, and human perspective that sets us apart. It’s what we call “Uncommon Goodness”, and it’s central to our guest’s experience journey. It’s also why our franchisees can expect to own so much more than just a fast-casual franchise. THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT A culture…

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  2. Woman standing and smiling with a Noodles to-go brown bag. Franchise Insights

    What You Need to Know About Noodles & Company’s Q3 Earnings

    At Noodles & Company, our team seeks to be transparent when it comes to running our business. As a public company, we’re able to share all the crucial facts about our restaurant franchise, including new restaurant performance, updated sales performance, and more. Continue reading to learn about our Q3 earnings and how we help build…

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  3. Franchise Insights

    How the Guest’s Experience Journey Helps Noodles Stand Out

    At the Noodles & Company Summit in San Antonio this year, we highlighted the guest’s experience journey and how franchisees can bring more Uncommon Goodness to life throughout this journey. With the efforts of numerous marketing initiatives, extensive in-restaurant messaging and team member support, we are extending and reinforcing our new brand platform across a…

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  4. Franchise Insights

    How Noodles Prepares Your Team for Opening Day

    At Noodles & Company, we are committed to doing everything we can to help our franchise owners grow a thriving restaurant franchise. To ensure you and your team are fully prepared for opening day, we’ll provide the comprehensive training you need to give guests the best possible experience when they walk through your doors. Keep…

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  5. Franchise Insights

    What Makes Noodles & Company Stand Out

    As a franchise owner with Noodles & Company, you’ll be able to enjoy many of the features that make us stand out in the restaurant franchise space. From our flexible footprints to our technology and innovation, we’ll give you the unique resources you need to grow your business. Continue reading to find out more about…

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    3 Tips for Multi-Unit Franchise Operations

    Multi-unit franchise ownership is a great way to enhance your earning potential while building out your market. At Noodles & Company, we’re looking for multi-unit partners who are ready to grow a thriving business, improve their communities and serve incredible food. Keep  reading to learn some tips for running a multi-unit franchise with us. OWNING…

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  7. Image of group of people smiling and laughing in a Noodles & Company Franchise Insights

    Our Four Core Values

    Noodles & Company, was built on four core values – we care, we are passionate, we show pride, and we love life. This is at the very foundation of the Uncommon Goodness that makes us so uniquely special in our industry. Our franchisees share these values and, through our shared vision, we are able to…

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  8. Image of group being served food on patio Franchise Insights

    3 Reasons to Invest in a Noodles & Company Franchise

    There are many reasons why you should add Noodles & Company to your restaurant franchise portfolio. Our fast casual franchise offers a variety of benefits, including an innovative menu, diversified revenue streams, and adaptable models, which can all help you stand out in the restaurant industry and help you grow your business. Keep on reading…

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  9. Image of Noodles & Company pasta and salad dishes on a marble countertop Franchise Insights

    All About the Noodles Franchise Menu

    For more than 4,000 years, pasta has been a mealtime favorite the world over and, for the past 25 years, at Noodles & Company, we’ve drawn inspiration from cuisines around the globe, combined them with our own recipes, and created delightful new dishes that offer our guests a tasty culinary experience they simply cannot find…

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