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After more than 27 years in the fast-casual restaurant industry, we know what it takes to grow a burgeoning business. Our future-focused mindset helps us identify trends before they hit the market—like adding zucchini noodles to our menu before they became a sensation.

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Adaptable Model for Every Market

Our flexible footprints range from 1,800 to 2,700 sq.ft. to best meet the needs of your particular market. An indoor dining space is recommended for each model, and you’ll have the option to add on attractive features like a pick-up window or outdoor patio.

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Simplify Purchasing & Distribution

National contracts with preferred vendors ensure you get favorable pricing on equipment, goods and maintenance consistent with our operational standards. We also source high-quality ingredients to help simplify your reordering process.

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Technology & Innovation

We think you deserve tools that work as hard as you do. Reduce labor with advanced scheduling technology, boost sales with the app, track metrics with an integrated POS, eliminate paper trails with iPads, and so much more.

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World-Class Leadership

Noodles & Company is driven by some of the best minds in the business. Our experienced executive leadership team is stacked with franchising veterans who have a proven track record of growing national and international brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Noodles & Company franchise cost?

The estimated initial investment for a Noodles & Company franchise is between $747,000 and $1,423,000 per restaurant1. This estimate includes the $35,000 franchise fee due to the franchisor. Ongoing expenses include a 1.25% marketing fee and 5% royalty fees. For more information about financial investment, please reach out to our team.

Do I have to work in the restaurant?

Some franchise partners, whether investing as an individual or a group, do not act as the day-to-day operator of their Noodles & Company franchise. Creating partnerships and building a team is critical. We encourage our franchise partners to assemble a team with the right skills and resources to develop and operate multiple restaurants. If you are interested in working with an operating partner, we’d love to have a conversation with you about your goals.

Is there a limit on how many Noodles & Company restaurants I can develop?

We are currently only offering development agreements. A development agreement would typically include a minimum of three (3) locations, and up to ten (20), based on the size of the market and territory being developed. The actual size and scope of the development agreement will vary based on certain conditions, such as the market size and the franchisee’s financial and operational abilities.

How do you help with training employees?

We provide robust, hands-on training for you and your employees. You will receive hands-on franchise training at the home office and your restaurant. Your general manager will go through six weeks of training at our company restaurants to ensure they’re ready to lead your team. For your first two locations, we will send our experienced trainers to your stores for three weeks to help onboard your hires.

What kind of marketing support does Noodles offer?

Noodles & Company regularly engages in a national marketing campaign and we’re active on corporate social media channels to drive attention to the brand. Additionally, we provide you with content and creative assets to help you develop localized marketing campaigns and brand awareness in your region. Contact us for additional paid advertising services directly through corporate to assist you in getting the most from your budget.

Do you provide financing?

No, we currently do not have an arrangement with a bank or lender for preferred financing options.

Mike Lamb

“Noodles & Company runs a different model compared to other franchisors. They’re not in the fast food industry, but are in the restaurant business, and that’s what makes them special. With so many fresh ingredients and SKUs, it’s not as systematic.”

Mike Lamb Franchise Partner & CEO of River City Restaurant Group

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