The Year of Digital Innovation

Franchise Insights | Mar 3, 2023

Noodles & Company employee team meeting

Noodles & Company is making big changes. Noodles may be steeped in tradition, but at Noodles & Company we have our eyes set on the future. With a robust and popular menu already in place, the focus in 2023 isn’t on the food, it’s on digital innovation. Learn more about the modern solutions that are driving growth for Noodles & Company franchisees and an enhanced experience for guests filled with Uncommon Goodness.


With our menu that is as diverse as it is plentiful, digital menu boards are shining a new light on the delicious offerings at Noodles & Company. The innovative menus are educating customers on new culinary innovations and have resulted in transformative change in markets with the technology in place. Newer items like our LEANguini (a higher protein, lower-carb linguini) have performed well, in part, because of the digital menu’s ability to tell the story of the new, indulgent yet health-minded dish.


Noodles & Company’s loyalty program – among the best in the industry – is the target of renewed focus and ingenuity in 2023. Growing to 4.5 million members, loyal customers accounted for 25% of sales in the last quarter.

Noodles & Company CEO, Dave Boennighausen, describes one of the new ways loyalty program members were seeing a more personal approach by digitally highlighting dishes the guests had ordered over the past year. “Last week if you’d been with the brand for awhile you would have seen a review, a video, similar to if you go to Spotify and they say ‘Hey, your year in review! This is what you listened to the most,” he said. Guests are also seeing more targeted messaging, deeper engagement opportunities, status updates on their reward points, and ways to cash them in.


Noodles has also enhanced online and mobile platforms and is investing in a customer data platform designed to better track guest behavior. With this deeper understanding and connection to guests’ wants and overall satisfaction, franchisees can make better-informed, more strategic business decisions.

More than just insight, Noodles & Company is putting a team and infrastructure in place to allow more personalized interactions with those guests. The result is a more seamless experience across all locations that is as personal as it is convenient.


With more than 450 restaurants in 30 states, Noodles & Company is satisfying its appetite for growth and is poised to meet the goal of a $1.5 million average unit volume and 20% margins by 2024.

If you want to take a bite out of those numbers, schedule a call to learn more about franchising with us.


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