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  1. The interior of a restaurant franchise with tables, booths, and an open kitchen Franchise Insights

    5 Advantages of Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

    Multi-unit franchise ownership is a common way for franchisees to build out their market, increase their earning potential, and add complementary businesses to their portfolios. Find out why restaurant operations professionals may prefer multi-unit ownership and what benefits you can expect as you grow your business. 1. Create Consistency in Your Region When you own…

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  2. A picture of the exterior of a Noodles & Company franchise at night, with a string of lights on the awning Franchise Insights

    Is Your Market Right for a Noodles & Company Franchise?

    As Noodles & Company continues to expand, we’re looking for experienced franchise owners in fresh territories who want to grow with us. But is your market right for a Noodles & Company franchise? See how Noodles can fit into many types of communities and how we choose the best communities for our restaurant franchises. Find…

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  3. Noodles & Company franchise team member scans loyalty app for customer in yellow blouse Franchise Insights

    How the Noodles & Company Franchise Uses Technology to Grow

    Noodles & Company employs best-in-class technology to create operational efficiencies that help our franchise partners reduce labor waste, track key metrics, and so much more. Our focus on cutting-edge innovation has strengthened our position as a leading fast-casual franchise, enabling our franchise partners to stay ahead of the curve. Learn how technology impacts our franchise…

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  4. A father, a mother, and a little girl dine at a Noodles & Company franchise restaurant Franchise Insights

    Why Guests Love Noodles & Company Franchises

    With restaurants all across the U.S., Noodles & Company has become a national favorite for foodies and entrepreneurs looking for a unique food franchise. Featuring a diverse menu full of flavor, customer-friendly operations, and fresh ingredients guests can taste, your future Noodles & Company franchise is positioned to earn loyal guests in your community. Learn…

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  5. A variety of Noodles & Company pasta dishes including Cauliflower Rigatoni Franchise Insights

    Why Noodles Works with Your Restaurant Franchise Portfolio

    Owning restaurant franchises can be a fantastic way to diversify your franchise portfolio and add exciting options to the markets you serve. Noodles & Company can be the perfect addition thanks to our diverse menu, flexible footprints, and convenient operations. See what makes Noodles & Company such an enticing opportunity for restaurant franchise owners. Unique…

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  6. Noodles & Company franchise team member holds up a takeout order Franchise Insights

    Why Fast-Casual is the Future of Food Franchising

    Fast-casual restaurants represent one of the fastest growing segments in the industry, winning over customers with convenience, quality, and budget-friendly options. As the restaurant industry returns to normalcy following a tumultuous few years, fast-casual franchises continue to trend upward and reach record-high sales. Find out what else makes fast-casual restaurants a customer-favorite and a smart…

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  7. Picture of the exterior of a Noodles & Company franchise Noodles News

    Meet the Noodles & Company Franchise Team

    The Noodles & Company corporate team is filled with experienced restaurant professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to drive long-term franchise growth. Innovators, strategic planners, and big thinkers, our restaurant franchise team has big plans for the future. Get to know some of our executive team to see who you’ll have in your corner…

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  8. See why restaurant franchise owners must be financially ready, eager to learn, and driven to do well for their businesses. Franchise Insights

    What it Takes to Own a Noodles & Company Franchise

    Investing in a multi-unit franchise comes with unparalleled support, access to a proven system, and a robust customer base. As an existing operator, you understand what it takes to make a restaurant franchise a success, and we have the tools to help you perfect your processes and scale your growth. A Noodles & Company franchise…

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  9. Noodles & Company employee serves unique noodles dishes to family of four Franchise Insights

    5 Things to Look for in a Restaurant Franchise

    When compared to a startup business, franchises have a few things going for them. Franchise owners have a support system from the very beginning, a proven concept, and an established presence in the market. Here at Noodles & Company, we’ve made it our mission to support franchise owners in any way possible. What else should you look…

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