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  1. "UNCOMMON GOODNESS" - Noodles & Company dishes and salads Franchise Insights

    How You Can Benefit From Noodles’ Award-Winning Leadership

    After more than 27 years in the fast-casual restaurant industry, we know what it takes to grow a flourishing business. From innovative technology and record-breaking franchise growth to making headlines and leading the franchising marketing industry as a whole; learn how the stellar leadership experience of the Noodles & Company’s franchise team provides significant benefits…

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  2. Noodles & Company employee and manager talking Franchise Insights

    From First Handshake to Opening Day: What Franchisees Can Expect

    Whether you’re a seasoned, multi-unit empire builder, or an ambitious entrepreneur looking to start a portfolio of your own – Noodles & Company provides all franchisees more than just a popular brand and delectable menu. We offer comprehensive partnership, support, and guidance throughout your franchise journey. Here’s a closer look at how Noodles & Company…

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  3. Noodles & Company employee team meeting Franchise Insights

    The Year of Digital Innovation

    Noodles & Company is making big changes. Noodles may be steeped in tradition, but at Noodles & Company we have our eyes set on the future. With a robust and popular menu already in place, the focus in 2023 isn’t on the food, it’s on digital innovation. Learn more about the modern solutions that are driving…

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  4. Noodles & Company exterior Franchise Insights

    How Noodles’ Flexible Footprint Benefits Franchisees

    A Noodles & Company franchise’s flexible footprint and adaptable business model provides entrepreneurs with a range of benefits that can help drive revenue, reduce costs, and improve the overall customer experience. Learn how our innovative fast-casual concept allows our franchisees to enjoy these perks and adapt to an ever-changing landscape. THE PERKS OF DESIGN Noodles…

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  5. Noodles & Company employee giving a take-out order to a guest through drive-thru window Franchise Insights

    Own a Franchise With an Uncommonly Good Culture

    At Noodles & Company, we pride ourselves on a fresh, unexpected, and human perspective that sets us apart. It’s what we call “Uncommon Goodness”, and it’s central to our guest’s experience journey. It’s also why our franchisees can expect to own so much more than just a fast-casual franchise. THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT A culture…

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  6. Woman standing and smiling with a Noodles to-go brown bag. Franchise Insights

    What You Need to Know About Noodles & Company’s Q3 Earnings

    At Noodles & Company, our team seeks to be transparent when it comes to running our business. As a public company, we’re able to share all the crucial facts about our restaurant franchise, including new restaurant performance, updated sales performance, and more. Continue reading to learn about our Q3 earnings and how we help build…

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  7. Franchise Insights

    How the Guest’s Experience Journey Helps Noodles Stand Out

    At the Noodles & Company Summit in San Antonio this year, we highlighted the guest’s experience journey and how franchisees can bring more Uncommon Goodness to life throughout this journey. With the efforts of numerous marketing initiatives, extensive in-restaurant messaging and team member support, we are extending and reinforcing our new brand platform across a…

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  8. Franchise Insights

    How Noodles Prepares Your Team for Opening Day

    At Noodles & Company, we are committed to doing everything we can to help our franchise owners grow a thriving restaurant franchise. To ensure you and your team are fully prepared for opening day, we’ll provide the comprehensive training you need to give guests the best possible experience when they walk through your doors. Keep…

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  9. Franchise Insights

    What Makes Noodles & Company Stand Out

    As a franchise owner with Noodles & Company, you’ll be able to enjoy many of the features that make us stand out in the restaurant franchise space. From our flexible footprints to our technology and innovation, we’ll give you the unique resources you need to grow your business. Continue reading to find out more about…

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