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  1. Noodles & Company manager speaks with employees during training session Franchise Insights

    How Noodles & Company Supports Franchise Owners

    It’s long been said that the best part about franchising is that you get to be in business for yourself but never by yourself. Franchises give you an extra level of training and support you wouldn’t get when you start a business independently. At the Noodles & Company franchise, we look for franchise partners who share…

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  2. Person with smartphone uses Noodles & Company franchise app to order food Industry Info

    Restaurant Franchise Trends for 2022

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Franchise Association projected that 26,000 new franchise businesses would open in 2021. Continued growth throughout the year proves the restaurant franchise industry is back and better than ever. As we ring in 2022, it’s evident that the restaurant franchise industry is a smart investment that’s in high demand. While the…

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  3. Noodles & Company franchise employee places noodle dish in to-go bag at front counter of restaurant Franchise Insights

    Now is the Time to Invest in a Fast-Casual Franchise

    Today, investors are looking for franchises with strong performance throughout varied economies. Fast-casual franchises have proven to be gainful investments with the ability to adapt to changing customer demand and market conditions. Prior to the pandemic, the fast-casual sector was already on the rise. While may businesses suffered, fast-casual franchises with the right systems and…

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  4. Exterior of a Noodles & Company franchise with red umbrellas and patio seating Franchise Insights

    5 Ways the Noodles & Company Franchise Stands Out

    With a differentiated menu, popular concept, and streamlined processes, the Noodles & Company franchise is a favorite of savvy investors looking for a best-in-class restaurant business. After more than 25 years in business, we know what it takes to continuously adapt with customer demand while staying true to the qualities that made us famous, like…

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  5. exterior of a noodles establishment Noodles News

    Noodles & Company New Restaurant Openings (NROs)

    At a time when many companies–especially in the restaurant industry­–are experiencing hardship, at Noodles & Company we remain strong and continue to grow our store roster. In November in fact, we added two new locations. First we opened Indiana’s 22nd Noodles & Company, Crown Point. Located in the Beacon Hill development at 10720 Broadway Avenue,…

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  6. noodles being tossed in a pan Noodles News

    Noodles & Company Q4 Earnings Report

    It’s that time once again and we’re thrilled to announce the results of Noodles’ third quarter earnings report. According to our CEO, Dave Boennighausen, “we’re pleased to report another quarter of record high average unit volumes, reflecting the continued momentum and our ability to remain resilient in volatile market conditions.” Specifically, total revenue increased 18.1%…

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