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    Meet the Noodles & Company Franchise Team

    The Noodles & Company corporate team is filled with experienced restaurant professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to drive long-term franchise growth. Innovators, strategic planners, and big thinkers, our restaurant franchise team has big plans for the future. Get to know some of our executive team to see who you’ll have in your corner…

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    Noodles & Company New Restaurant Openings (NROs)

    At a time when many companies–especially in the restaurant industry­–are experiencing hardship, at Noodles & Company we remain strong and continue to grow our store roster. In November in fact, we added two new locations. First we opened Indiana’s 22nd Noodles & Company, Crown Point. Located in the Beacon Hill development at 10720 Broadway Avenue,…

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    Noodles & Company Q4 Earnings Report

    It’s that time once again and we’re thrilled to announce the results of Noodles’ third quarter earnings report. According to our CEO, Dave Boennighausen, “we’re pleased to report another quarter of record high average unit volumes, reflecting the continued momentum and our ability to remain resilient in volatile market conditions.” Specifically, total revenue increased 18.1%…

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