Why Guests Love Noodles & Company Franchises

Franchise Insights | May 5, 2022

A father, a mother, and a little girl dine at a Noodles & Company franchise restaurant

With restaurants all across the U.S., Noodles & Company has become a national favorite for foodies and entrepreneurs looking for a unique food franchise. Featuring a diverse menu full of flavor, customer-friendly operations, and fresh ingredients guests can taste, your future Noodles & Company franchise is positioned to earn loyal guests in your community. Learn more about how Noodles continues to win over our guests’ hearts and stomachs.

Unique Flavors & Dishes

While it seems like burger concepts and run-of-the-mill fast-casual restaurants are on every corner, there are few places guests can go to get something to different. Noodles & Company is a unique food franchise with a differentiated menu full of crave-worthy cuisine inspired by dishes from around the world.

The Noodles & Company founder was inspired by the collection of cultural cuisines found in New York City’s Greenwich Village. With many restaurants serving noodle-based dishes from diverse regions, he got an idea. What if guests didn’t have to choose between Italian and Chinese? What if they could get meals inspired by the best flavors in the world in one place?

So, our founder brought the Noodles & Company franchise to communities everywhere, offering the medley of delicious cuisines in cities all across the country. Instead of traveling to a metropolis like New York, guests can simply drive to a nearby Noodles restaurant to get a unique and satisfying meal.

This benefits your future Noodles & Company franchise because you’ll be able to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, creating a category all your own. When your guests are craving Cauliflower Rigatoni or Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, Noodles will be the first place that comes to mind.

Seamless Customer Experience

Using proven processes and advanced technology, the Noodles & Company franchise creates a convenient and consistent customer experience. With a popular loyalty app with nearly 4 million users, online ordering options, and direct delivery capability, the customer experience can start before the guest ever walks through our doors (or answers their own).

Guests can choose a contactless experience with direct delivery or pop by a restaurant on their way to their next destination. There they can find their to-go order easily with our Quick Pickup windows. All they have to do is locate the bag with their name, and they’re on their way. Our guests love this option and it’s ideal for franchise partners, as well. Team members will be able to focus on helping dine-in customers, streamlining labor and resources.

Friendly Service with a Smile

Noodles & Company franchise employees are trained on customer service to ensure each guest at our restaurants feels happier, and fuller, than when they came in. According to Salesforce research, 89% of consumers are more likely to become repeat customers after a positive customer service experience.

SEM Rush found that 89% of companies agree that customer service has a huge impact on retention. Since earning existing customers is typically much more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, it’s important your franchise prioritize the customer experience, like Noodles does.

Fresh Ingredients & Healthy Options

Noodles & Company franchises offer fresh ingredients made in an operationally friendly way. Since most of our menu is noodle-based, preparing dishes is simplified, with made-to-order deliciousness delivered in as little as five minutes.

Your unique food franchise will also have options for health-conscious guests. Noodles was one of the first to introduce zucchini noodles on our menu, a now well-loved food trend. Our menu also includes our original Cauliflower Rigatoni, a signature dish your guests won’t easily find anywhere else. Complete with fresh vegetables and meats, guests can enjoy a meal out without the guilt.

With meals for vegetarians, kids, and even the pickiest eaters, everyone can find something to love at your Noodles & Company franchise.

Find Out Why Franchise Partners Love Noodles & Company, Too

It’s not just customers who love Noodles & Company. Experienced operators looking to diversity their portfolio with a unique food franchise find Noodles & Company to be the perfect addition. Find out more about our franchise opportunity by reaching out to our team now.


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