Now is the Time to Invest in a Fast-Casual Franchise

Franchise Insights | Dec 12, 2021

Noodles & Company franchise employee places noodle dish in to-go bag at front counter of restaurant

Today, investors are looking for franchises with strong performance throughout varied economies. Fast-casual franchises have proven to be gainful investments with the ability to adapt to changing customer demand and market conditions. Prior to the pandemic, the fast-casual sector was already on the rise. While may businesses suffered, fast-casual franchises with the right systems and technology in place were able to continue earning and even growing into new locations.

Adaptable, convenient, and popular, these restaurants are the future of the food and beverage sector. Find out why fast-casual franchises are innately positioned to thrive in our current economy and why the future of this restaurant category looks so bright.

Off Premises Dining is Going Strong

During the pandemic, restaurants that offered easy ordering processes with pickup and delivery thrived, continuing to grow as many businesses sat nearly empty. As in-person dining returns, many guests are still opting for takeout meals. Also, for consumers who’ve returned to the office, fast-casual restaurants remain a prime choice for lunch and dinners on the go. The convenience of off premises dining, coupled with the safety concerns of consumers, mean this trend continues to dominate the restaurant franchise category.

The Noodles & Company franchise capitalized on this concept long before it became the dominant trend, enabling our franchisees to quickly pivot to primarily off premises dining. Since then, we’ve doubled down on our efforts to improve our processes, ordering app, online ordering system, and more, to the benefit of guests and franchisees alike.

Guests Want Value and Quality

Fast-casual franchises typically provide higher quality foods at nearly quick service speed, offering guests the best of both worlds. Guests can enjoy a quality meal more quickly than they would at traditional restaurants, making fast-casual restaurants the obvious choice for guests on the go. Fast-casual franchises also offer a lower price point than many traditional restaurants as owners are able to save on overhead such as larger dining spaces and kitchens, additional staff members, and more.

Noodles & Company delivers on both quality and value through our simple yet delicious noodle-based menu. Our niche menu simplifies ordering for our franchisees while offering guests their favorite dishes complete with fresh vegetables and meats.

Fast-Casual Franchise Operations are Simpler

More and more investors prefer fast-casual restaurant franchises for their operational benefits. Traditional restaurants have high investments, sizable real estate requirements, costly equipment, and other hinderances. Ongoing operational costs are also usually much higher.

Fast-casual franchises, on the other hand, are typically less expensive to get started. Pared down menus in a specific genre make ordering easier and more affordable. Smaller footprints reduce real estate and buildout costs. The exclusion of a serving staff, bartenders, and other employees saves on labor. The benefits of a fast-casual franchise are endless!

Own a Thriving Fast-Casual Franchise

Now is the perfect time to get in on a growing fast-casual franchise concept. Customers continue to seek restaurants with superior value, quality, and convenience, and the Noodles & Company franchise provides all that and so much more. To learn how you can become the owner of a Noodles & Company franchise, reach out to our team. We’d love to walk you through the many benefits of growing with us.


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