5 Advantages of Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

Franchise Insights | Jun 6, 2022

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Multi-unit franchise ownership is a common way for franchisees to build out their market, increase their earning potential, and add complementary businesses to their portfolios. Find out why restaurant operations professionals may prefer multi-unit ownership and what benefits you can expect as you grow your business.

1. Create Consistency in Your Region

When you own multiple franchised restaurants  in your territory, you have control over the performance of each, creating uniformity across all locations. You will not be competing with another franchisee for real estate, as you will have an exclusive development territory during your growth phase. You will also be able to leverage your restaurant support team as well as provide growth opportunities for your restaurant managers and team members.

2. Scale Your Earning Potential

Multiple franchised restaurants enable you to enhance your earning potential, obtaining revenue from a variety of sources. It’s a simple deduction that more locations equal more revenue, but there are more financial advantages than that. Multiple locations also enable you to reach more guests and drive loyalty through convenience and consistency throughout your market. As you grow, you will be able to drive brand awareness that benefits your overall business and helps you continue to scale.

3. Reduce Costs Through Shared Resources

Multiple locations give you the ability to easily share resources, creating an economy of scale. An economy of scale describes an enterprise’s ability to decrease costs by growing its production.

For example, if you have multiple locations in a territory, you’ll have quite a few staff members at your restaurant franchise. If you have a staffing shortage at one location, you may be able to call in team members from a nearby store. You can also train your existing employees so they can carry their knowledge with them to new your new restaurants and better provide growth opportunities for your team.

Multi-unit franchise owners could also spread ongoing cost across multiple locations, such as payroll, accounting, and maintenance. You may also enjoy reduced rates on equipment, goods, or other necessary items when you order in large amounts.

4. Standardize Efficiencies

Typically, multi-unit franchise owners will start by building one location with an agreement to develop more over a pre-determined period of time. By the time you open your second store, you’ll likely have many of the kinks worked out. When you open additional locations, you’ll be a pro at implementing efficient ways to develop and open your restaurant.

Each of your restaurant franchise locations will help you learn how to enhance efficiencies and create processes that work for your particular market’s needs.

5. Focus on Growing Your Business

As a multi-unit franchise partner, you may be able to remove yourself from being in the trenches of day-to-day operations. While an operator with a physical presence is good for morale, you may not need to spend all day, every day in a single store, managing minute details.

Instead, you will have the opportunity to focus on high-level operations, strategizing business growth, analyzing metrics, and planning for the future. While you’ll offer support to your management team and are responsible for the performance of your stores, you’ll have the space to think about the big picture. You’ll also have the opportunity to focus on people operations and grow your teams.

How Noodles & Company Offers Multi-Unit Benefits

Noodles & Company is an amazing restaurant franchise opportunity for multi-unit owners. We offer our franchise partners exclusive territories to help them expand within their region and experience the many advantages of multi-unit ownership.

To learn more about the benefits of owning a Noodles & Company restaurant franchise, please reach out to our team. We can help you identify an open territory as well as develop a plan that matches your goals.


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